I had a beautiful dream last night…

It seemed an ambiguous Protagonist (Jesus, perhaps) was performing the great experiment of having mere humans enter the realm of heaven. However, there was a twist to each lucky contestant’s visit. They were walking into a blank canvas… a canvas that would be painted with their own preconceived notions.

With each visitor, heaven was shaped in the image of its inhabitants imaginations.

The first visitor brought with him the notion that heaven for him should be an expansive and luxurious mansion, surrounded by open fields of grass… and so it was.

The next visitor quickly noticed that there was no gate to this heaven, and so a pearly gate was soon erected.

Finally, there was a third visitor who found it strange that there was no fence dividing what was heaven from the hordes outside its gates. Surely people could not just come and go as they please in this heaven… And so, as if breathed into existence, the mansion was surrounded by thousands of people… just outside a tall wrought iron fence.

It was at this point that my waking-and-sleeping, unconscious, snooze-button-pressing mind began find truth in this unfolding story.

I questioned, “Is the real heaven inside the fence, or outside?” “Are all these fences, gates, and mansions evidence of the Kingdom, or only serving as evidence of our separation from it?”
“Why is heaven so sequestered, when all these people outside want in?”

The Protagonist was there to answer my subconscious questions even before I was able to finish asking them.

It became clear to me that the contestants were too distracted by their visions and preconceived notions of heaven to realize that if they just tore down their fences, gates, and mansions, they could be in the midst of it… heaven could be all around them.

If they shattered their own perceptions of what the heavenly Kingdom was, they could swim it in, they could breathe it in, brush elbows with it, and bear hug it…

May we all be so bold, to shatter our feeble visions of the Kingdom of Heaven… Even here. Even now.