My friend Seth works with Streets Ministries in Memphis, Tennessee, the newly-crowned “fattest city in the nation.” Read Seth’s unique perspective on the obesity epidemic in cities like Memphis where being overweight can often depend more on your income than your work ethic.

seth miles king

From the Memphis Business Journal:

Memphis is known for mouth-watering barbecue but that reputation is coming at the expense of the city’s waistline.

Newsweek has dubbed Memphis as the fattest city in the nation. Nearly 30 percent — 29.7 percent to be precise — of Memphis adults are obese while 12.4 percent of the population has diabetes. About half, 51.7 percent, of Memphians exercise regularly, and 56.7 percent of the city’s populations eats produce regularly, according to the report.

Richmond, Va., ranked second and San Antonio, Texas, third. New Orleans was seventh on the list.

Obesity is a nationwide epidemic, with two thirds of adults and one third of children and adolescents overweight or obese, according to Newsweek. The publication used Gallup’s Well-Being Index to determine its ranking.

There are several lists on which Memphis is listed towards the top, and not many of them are positive. From crime to…

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